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title Elektrosmogfreien (participation in the will and law of the creator)

subtitle a study on statistical properties of multivariate measurement series

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short bio (about 150 words) Farmersmanual is a distinguished, pan-European, multisensory disturbance conglomerate. musical and technological instruments for improvisation, network visualization and sonification. performances and remote collaboration and forms of documentation that prolong the idea of openness and reinterpretation. continuously expanding. TOTAL AUTOMATION vs. HUMAN INTERACTION. seeking to shift the local atmosphere from dissolution and clumsiness through manual change and ecstatic fiddling into an imaginative state of complex monotony, structured calm and chill, or endless associative babbling. so that towards the end the authors become the audience and the audience can be confronted with a stage populated by machines infinitely rendering a stream of slight semantic madness. with the help of extreme frequencies and distorted, flickering images. 3. Extracting a shadow from the skeleton of network flow. A layer of technological reality usually hidden becomes accessible through mediation into sound and visual flicker. Erratically shifting from chittering machines into the human realm. Replay in different Farmersmanual. multisensory disturbance communication, electromagnetism, nuclear fusion and ecstatic ification, tools for near instantaneous endless possible through local atmospace delay. It is thetic and politich cant global Scalishifting from chittext? the cause of all polycause. towards the echo of the hypopulated only which move away from frequencies and stage created at the end. the title for the fractures. linear shifts of the localing wave (about 300 words) name(s)

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2006 eV {Anno Mung 3172, Season of Confusion}

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Simply, farmersmanual proposes to answer the following question, as posed by Hartmut Müller.

Hartmut Müller in 1982 postulated the existience of a universal non-einsteinian gravitational standing wave along which nodes and antinodes the universe is being structured. that is for example the distribution of matter in cosmic space or the discrete set of sizes that bio-organisms assume, the temporal distribution of events in radioactive decay. We want to look at specific aspects of these phenomena:

Its has been suggested that spatially or contextuallly separated processes show structural statistical similarities. Accordingly, even physical noise sources are subject to periodic fluctuations. We will track a set of different data sources, both global and local, prior to and during the event and analyze the collected data with respect to empiric evaluation of the proposed thesis.

The analytic process will in parts be visible and audible. Individual assessment by members of the audience will be a valuable contribution to the experiment. Samples can be taken home.

"In the context of Global Scaling Theory the hypothesis of the Big Bang appears in a new light. Not a propagating shock wave (pressure wave) in linear space (the echo of the hypothetical primeval explosion) is the cause of cosmic microwave background radiation, but a standing pressure wave in logarithmic space. It is also responsible for the fractal and logarithmic scale-invariant distribution of matter in the entire universe. It created the universe as we know it and recreates it continually. It is the cause of all physical interactions and forces – gravitation, electromagnetism, nuclear fusion and nuclear decay. It is the cause of topological 3-dimensionality of linear space, of left-right-asymmetry, as well as of anisotropy of time. All of these phenomena are physical effects which arise at the transition from logarithmic into linear space. The standing wave in logarithmic space now allows us to communicate across astronomical distances practically without time delay. How is this possible?"


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