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[]{#Sensory_Clinic} Sensory Clinic

Time spent in therapeutic so-called sensory rooms has shown to increase concentration, alertness, calmness, and general awareness of the surrounding world. With a critical edge and a bit of humour, this events based project provides for participants to explore, learn and experience full sensorial impressions.

With a sensory apparatus that is constantly exceeded and that increasingly operates in drug-induced states of awareness, this is also an acknowledgement of the expanding notion of the human body in its current position as a somewhat destabilized sensorial interface.

Sensory Clinic explores and analyses social constructions of the senses. Participating artists are informed by medical and scientific research, by architecture and design, by a variety of artistic practices and their histories. Taking into consideration emerging aesthetic approaches, these events serve as platforms for artistic expressions and experiences that moves beyond the otherwise dominating sensorial organ, the eye.

Curated by Cecilia Andersson

[]{#Private_View} Private View

The International 3 gallery:

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The experience:

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[]{#Graceful_Deprivation} Graceful Deprivation

The installation uses a device called Neurophone mounted inside a helmet.
Via two steel transducer touching the skin the Neurophone transmits ultrasonic impulses to the brain that are decoded as sound information and heard "inside the head". This means that the Neurophone stimulates perception through a seventh or alternative sense.
Many primitive organisms and animals can see, hear and smell with their skin. Its the largest and most complex organ of the human body and every organ of perception evolved from folding skin. The helmet is set to the Fibonacci mode which uses a frequency set based on the Golden Ratio distribution (Golden Noise) to balance meridians of the body, improve sleep, and better concentration.
The helmet uses a visor made from polarization film to blur the users vision and create an intimate experience within the gallery space. Addtionally ear plugs can be used to intensify the listening experience.

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