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Review of: EXPLORERS_WE Reviewed by: John Everall for The Wire (UK) Date: june or july 98

"Austrian soundscapers Farmers Manual have evolved a sound of such delirious intensity and refreshing originality that listeners are not so much surfing on sinewaves as plunged into a state of total immersion. Few of their contemporaries are able to achieve such a potent seduction: Pan Sonic and [ELpH^?^]{.twikiNewLink style=“background : #5f2e20;”}, perhaps, or even early Boyd Rice. If cerebral aridity is generally perceived as a defining characteristic of computer generated sound, then Farmers Manual provide incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. Seeing them live recently I was struck by the tremendous physical presence of their sound. Explorers_We demonstrates they can pull the same thing off in the studio. A single hour-long track is divided into 60 PQ start points, and listening in shuffle mode is recommended. What emerges is a montage of fractured, febrile rhythms intercut with bursts of searing noise and disembodied voices, which fuse into a rich and radical sonology. The first 1000 copies contain a second CD of live recordings, containing two lengthy pieces that further illustrate Farmers Manual's idiosyncratic methodology. Their throbbing, pulsing, crackling structures are possessed of an intoxicating, and at times almost incoherent, power that testifies to a creativity far id advance of the over-hyped doyens of new Electronica." (John Everall)


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