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Date: 1998\

squish 4
farmersmanual - 'Explorers_We'
CD - 1st 1000 with free live CD
1 track: 60:04:00 [60 PQ points]
Barcode number 5027803330320
Release date: May 17th 1998\

available now from here for eleven pounds (UK) twelve (Europe) thirteen (rest of World) by credit card

Following their highly acclaimed 2nd CD, 'fsck' on Tray, farmersmanual got to work with their bare hands and produced Explorers_We on or. One constantly changing track with 60 PQ start points, making full use of your dusty SHUFFLE button...

Ost, one of the farmers called it 'a sinewave massacre'. The first 1000 come with a free live CD (2 tracks).

"a soprano voice sings notes that never arrange themselves into a melody, that fall apart in the same way as dead proteins.…" (Gravity's Rainbow &emdash; Thomas Pynchon)

Track listing:


1-60 Exploders_We. Duration: 60:04:00


1 Recorded live @ ars electronica 09/1997 {event: mego loveboat series: subtronic} during passage trough "voest- alpine industriehafen" between approximately 3 and 4 am. Computer mediated three-in:six-track live.jam human-triggered parameter changes. Duration: 36:20:00

2 Recorded live @ electronica potent ii -- the final letdown {mego night 97 at WUK, Vienna} regularly scheduled fm appearance computer generated null-in:two-track random-piece no human interaction. Duration: 15:35:00

What they said about the farmers manual &emdash;

"Points of comparison are completely elusive. Frenetic beats jostle with shards of blistering electronic noise and all manner of high strangeness... ...alot of artists have a great deal of catching up to do if they are to remain relevant. An awesome release." (John Everall, The Wire)

"Weird tracks, owing in some ways to d&b as much as it does to industrial music. If I say a lot of this sounds fucked, believe me this is truly fucked. The more accessible (if that is an appropiate word in this context) are in the beginning of the CD, but it gradually grows noiser and weirder throughout. The noisy bits and pieces at the end are suitable for random play or looping mode. Again fun for home-DJs (as you would be thrown out of the club if you play this on the dance floor) and bedroom composers. Industrial music for the digital generation!" (VITAL, The Netherlands)


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