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September 6 to November 9, 2003
Preview Friday, September 5, 2003, 7 p.m.\

A project by Norbert Möslang and Gianni Jetzer

Visual signs have always been produced in connection with music. Music can be expressed in pictures and it can also be stored in the form of scores, writing, record covers, photographs, videos, clips or animation. The Electronic Music Archive is focused on the question: "What does electronic music actually look like?"

The exhibition Electronic Music Archive is designed to collect visual materials on electronic music as a possible means of molding the present. The generation and modulation of electronic sounds, often in connection with pictures, has been a constant in the fine arts for some time now. This open interface between art and music is the context of the Electronic Music Archive.

However, the Electronic Music Archive is also a deliberately subjective treatment of memory. The archive collects various artistic statements and stores them in cultural memory in the form of exhibition. In an age in which the capacity of electronic storage is steadily growing and yet data is irrevocably lost day after day, this project represents an attempt to arrest time for a brief moment through the medium of an exhibition. The resulting cultural and also emotional archive will make it possible to compare the present with the past and to discuss such concepts as "quality" or "innovation." The archive poses specific questions, such as: What kind of archives are there for electronic culture? How can electronic culture be stored? Can memory be equated with storage? Why is electronic storage space growing so much faster than the capacity for cultural memory? Is their future for archives as cultural storage spaces?

Fifty artists worldwide will be asked to submit to parts of their archives or a personal collection. The Electronic Music Archive shall be a repository of archives.
Text by Gianni Jetzer



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