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[]{#frozen_music} frozen music

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[]{#liquid_crystal_display} liquid crystal display

Our third presentation of BuckyMedia involved the public on as many levels as possible. The geodesic sphere was equipped with a wireless sound system and digital sensors. It was at the same time musical instrument and concert hall. We provided geometry toolkits and documentation of our past presentations and tried to give access to all the information we had put together so far.

The project resonated through the entire museum, its curators, technical staff and attendants, inducing its own frequencies into the people, gallery spaces and technical infrastructure around it. The sphere worked like a liquid crystal, reconfiguring the flow of energy in its environment.

The stunning changes of daylight in the gallery space provided an atmosphere of high-altitude, lucid dreaming, while the sonified gravitational data of the structure added a narrow band of digital squeals and screams to the deep vibrations of the shrink-wrap window drums.

[]{#assessing_spatial_and_temporal_d} assessing spatial and temporal dimension at once

[]{#Index_of_20040425_20040503_walsa} Index of /20040425-20040503_walsall,moma

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