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objective analysis, effective solutions

Please excuse the disorganization.


projetas = farmersmanual( = barely alive) = xdv (xdv wiki = gullibloon = sukcspit) = cd_slopper = defrost = = = wrzk

topoi YamCha (Eating and Drinking), Books, HardWare, Linux, Places, Devel, AcidImages, PpL?, UniKram, Zaurus, GlobalScalingTheorie, Radio, QuantumCloud, DataBases?, PubKey Opt, PubKey Jdl, SelfDoc, wordbase, d4tan - everythingbase v0.1, ostructers, addword - wordbase input gateway, xadie, revmorse,


rorschach testing, foam, datadouche, ascii, Libarynth, formreform, mego racing, wavetrap, 4816

stuff PhosphorBombing?, no software patents!, Patents, nomic, civil counter reconnaisance, SkyEar, boycott recording industry, OpenWlan, check this war criminal

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