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this is a mixture and collection of ideas on or conretely implemented instances of possbile datafeeds that can/could be used in a realtime hilevel arbitrary data<->otherdata mapper, like sukspit etc ...

table of contents




system logevents / syslog

  • logins (ssh, ftp, ...)
  • mail
  • spam
  • snort
  • sendmail
    • notify "didnt issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN
    • notify relaying denied


webcams, image archives etc



temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, pollution-levels (microparticle density), etc


somehow weather related

  • air pollution with chemicals
  • air pollution with pollen
  • atmospheric states (solar wind, magentics, ...)

biodata and sociodata

(see polygraph)

  • blood pressure
  • pulse rate
  • skin response / conductivity (see photo-experiment)
  • breathing
  • - tracing lighters in urban habitat.
  • global consciousness project / eggs


  • earth radioactive radiation. planet's background gamma-rays ..
  • USB geigercounter

geopathic activity

internet / localnet traffic

road traffic

how many cars, how fast, where, etc ..


  • newstext-to-speech 1:1 translation
  • highlevel param influence on arbitrary values rules good/bad news


  • kart data
  • computer hardware sensor data (ACPI cpu temp, fan speed etc)

economy data / financial market


electromagnetic radiation

gameserver (q3pd)

mobile phone traffic

number of clients logged onto cell, event on calls and messages. check wireless activity stickers for mobiles.

flight and train plans

geo-location / GPS

  • - photographs of all latitude/longitude point of intersection
  • O2PosTrack - O2, german mocom, provides location info to its users. this is software for linux/OSX to download this information to computer.
  • geo-caching
  • Geotoad - geocaching tool data syncs data to GPS, iPod, PDA, or cell phone

dynamic systems

ethereal activity

anything going on in the ether. radio, electromagneticity, gravity, ..




'dirk gently's holistic detective agency'

via doug adams, loads of ideas on what data could be translated into sound at possbile outcomes.

statistics based simulation

based on real world statistics about e.g. number of car accidents, deaths, births and more esoteric events. also usable for WeatherTick.

misc german ping statistics database


audio, video, mp3 and ogg streams

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