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audio fingerprints

extracted from l-pd (cklippel).

there are serveral ways. i digged into that topic a long time ago when i wanted to restore the titles of my mp3 files. btw, there are some open-source tools around that do that, and can work in conjunction with a song-database.....

first, you can count the beats in the file, secondly you can calc the number of beats for one minute, an you can create some kind of "beat pattern" to identify it. but thats not enough. you should also capture the avareage energys in specified frequency bands. you can also extract a pattern out of this to analyze sound material. for example, like : "after two times of high mid-frequency energy follow 3 times of low freq and one high freq" also the average loudness of a sound (also in "patterns" of serveral seconds each) can help. other characteristica may be the distribution of loud and silence phases in the material.

give all these "parameters" a weight, and such "fingerprint" where the most parameters are around the same weight's probably is the right one decribing a actual fingerprinted song.

hi again,

forgot some links in the previous mail, these may be some starting pointers for you :

chaos stuff generic



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