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she shook her head. "you get the whole image, only fuzzier, slightly out of focus."

"now i didn't know that."

"and if you cut it in half again, it just gets fuzzier still. but even if you have a square centimeter of the original hologram, you still have the whole image -- unrecognizable but complete."

pg 224

"information is only menaingful when shared".

pg 225

pc dealers in graz:

specs fuer server 2 (new alg):

  • 2 GHz oder schneller, vorzugsweise AMD cpus.
  • 2 stueck identische 100 GB (oder was grad mit bestem preis/capacity verhaeltnis) IDE platten
  • cdr drive
  • 2 * netzwerkkarten 100 mbit (3com, dlink, intel)
  • irgendeine egal billig videokarte
  • 512 ram minimum

a black spore in the jelly wiggled, then burst the surface as a white worm. exhausted, it laid a couple of eggs, rested until it developed fins and a tail, then swam to the bubble where it laid more eggs among the lotuses. its fins grew larger, its tail shriveled, splotches of orange and blue appeared, till it took off like a weird butterfly to flit around the inside of the bubble. the motes that silvered the black offspring of the lotus must have eaten the parti-coloured fan because it just grew thinner and frailer till it disappeared. the eggs by the lotus would hatch into bloated fish forms that swam back through the froth to vomit a glob of jelly on the mass at the bottom, then collapse. the first eggs didn't do much except turn into black spores when they were covered with enough jelly.

-- JuanChanson - 16 Jul 2003
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